3 Must Haves To Keeping Top Talent Loyal

Purpose & Meaning

Todays Top Millennial Talent Are Motivated By More Than a Pay Check. They Need to Know That What They Do Has Purpose And Meaning

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Full Monty Story

Knowing How to Attach The Power of The Individual’s Story to That of The Organizations Story Has Massively Galvanizing Power

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Despite Everything you’ve Been Trained To Believe: Vulnerability Is Power!
For Todays Top Millennial Talent To Remain Fiercely Loyal To You and Your Organization Your Leadership Must Demonstrate Character, Integrity, and Vulnerability About Who You Are As a Person and As a Leader.

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The Definitive Guide For Anyone Leading Others...

Leadership is an inner game first
  • Dictatorial leadership in organization is dying or dead. There is only one type of leadership that allows companies to survive and thrive in the millennial workforce age.
  • The average lifespan of an dis-engaged employee is 1.2 -2.4 years. It costs the average organization 1.5- 2x the annual salary of that employee to train and develop them. Leaving little no room for ROI of that employee.
  • There are only 5 ways to keep the new millennial workforce so engaged that they become fiercely loyal and don't ever want to leave your company.


274 Pages Of Pure Brilliance “If you do one thing this year read this book..." ~Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host

Chapter 1: Characteristics Of A Notable Leaders

Why leaders are bound to fail unless they are genuinely concerned and involved with the people they lead.

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Chapter 4: Chief Relationship Officer

Forget CEOs and CFOs. What is needed in the new face of business are CROs–men and women who understand the importance of building and keeping relationships.

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Chapter 7: Purpose Matters More Than Profit

Both customers and employees want to do business with companies who have clearly-
defined purposes that go beyond dollars.

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Chapter 10: Powerful and Vulnerable

To be a powerful and influential leader, you must have the courage to be imperfect and
allow that imperfection to show.

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Chapter 13: Identity and Loyalty

We all want to belong and yet we also want to be individuals. How you can use these two primal forces to build deep loyalty.

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Chapter 16: Creating Your Full Monty Story

How you can use the information in this book to develop your own story that is guaranteed to create Fierce Loyalty with your employees and customers

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Chapter 2: What Creates Loyalty

The importance of connection in a changing workforce and how reciprocity is a driving motivator in human interaction.

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Chapter 5: Courage and Vulnerability

Vulnerability, allowing others to see your faults, is the hallmark of a courageous leader; one who will inspire others to lasting loyalty.

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Chapter 8: The 4C’s

For any company to success, it need to understand the importance of cooperation, collaboration, contribution, and community.

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Chapter 11: Courage is Not Optional

If you want to keep top talent and create an outstanding business, then having the courage to be vulnerable is no longer an option. The era of the vulnerable leader is now.

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Chapter 14: The Power of Storytelling

Facts and figures never create the kind of bonds that telling your story can. Stories
cement the bonds between individuals and lay the groundwork for true loyalty.

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Key points to remember and incorporate into your life as you begin to become a Full Monty Leader.

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Chapter 3: The Importance of Meaning

The next generation of workers isn’t motivated by a paycheck as much as they are motivated by the desire to control their own destiny and make a meaningful difference in the world

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Chapter 6: A Culture That Generates Fierce Loyalty

The number one priority for any business that wants loyal employees is to facilitate those people doing meaningful work.

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Chapter 9: What If?

Why leaders can’t afford not to be vulnerable—The story of Prime Minister Hawke.

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Chapter 12: The Hero’s Journey

All great and lasting change requires making the Hero’s Journey, a concept first explained
by the great writer and visionary Joseph Campbell.

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Chapter 15: Full Monty Storytelling

There’s a big difference between telling a story and telling a Full Monty Story. It is only
Full Monty storytelling that builds deep bonds and connections.

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Dõv Baron is an Elite Mind Strategist specializing in the Psychology of High Performance Leadership. He serves as a mentor and adviser to corporate, creative and personal leaders. His company Authentic Paragon Alliance is the only resource for training tomorrow’s leaders in the implementation of ” Full Monty Leadership” and “Corporate Cultural Momentum”.

  • Over 1,000,000, downloads on his FullMontyLeadership Radio Show and Leadership & Loyalty Podcast for Fortune 500 Executives and HR
  • Advisor and mentor to TOP CEO's and leadership teams..
  • Devoted to bringing vulnerability and true authenticity to the corporate world.

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